Our clients range from individuals entering the real estate investing market for the first time to the seasoned landlord or investor seeking to expand their available capital.

While we do appreciate experience, that is not an absolute prerequisite to funding. Many of our clients are rental property owners with one non-owner occupied rental property who seek to cash out equity in order to purchase or fund additional investments.

We have found, however, that the best clients are those who do their homework. If you are considering purchasing a foreclosure property and flipping it, it is best to know the market conditions, the competition and the profit margin you can expect on a sale.

If seeking to refinance a rental property, ensure you have properly executed leases and are in compliance with your local county code. We are happy to providing financing to landlords who own rental properties, however, these properties must have the required licenses and zoning. Often all that is needed is a simple permit, take care of it now and avoid problems later.

If you are currently fixing up a property for sale and need funds to complete construction, we can help. However, it is important that you have a reliable estimate of what is needed to complete the project. We will also make our own assessment prior to approving any financing.