At NPA Equity Investments, we provide funding for investment and commercial transactions banks will not touch.

Our evaluation of a deal focuses more on the value of the collateral and less on the credit of the individual.

Because we are self-funded, our deals can be expedited as necessary. When you speak with one of our associates, you will be speaking with a decision maker and not an individual who must seek approval. As a result, we are able to maintain an effective and efficient process.

For us, size is not a factor. Even if you are seeking as little as $50,000 in short term funding, we are interested. Our focus is on the quality of the request and not the size. If the proposal looks good and makes sense, chances are we will fund it.

Our Criteria

  • Business purpose loans only

  • Refinance options up to 65% loan to value

  • Purchase options up to 80% loan to value

  • Negative credit is not an absolute bar to approval

  • We will loan to LLCs, Corporations, Trusts and other entities

  • Loan terms range from two months to 3 years

  • Interest only loans available

  • Interest rates vary from 10% to 14% depending on the transaction

  • Fees range from 3 to 5 points

Types of Loans

  • Residential

  • Multi-Family

  • Commercial

  • Fix and Flip / Construction